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At Family Dentistry located in in Newburgh Indiana, we see many of our patients heading out during the summer months to travel, whether to visit extended family, explore our great state by road trip, or boarding an airplane to check out new destinations. To make the most of your travels, it is a good idea to pack a dental emergency kit to tide you over until you can get to a dentist.

Our experienced dentists, Dr. David Ogle, Dr. Samuel Schmitz, Dr. William Hart, and Dr. F. David Fickas know that when it comes to dental care, preparedness and consistency are key to continuing to maintaining your healthy smile. This means you will want to keep up your daily oral hygiene routine, like daily brushing and flossing, and a dental emergency kit will simply prepare you for an unexpected emergency. So what should you pack in your emergency kit?

Basic Dental Emergency Kit

Supplies: Dental picks, sterile gauze pads, cotton, tweezers, dental mirror or handheld mirror, cold pack, antimicrobial skin wipes.
Toothache & pain: Over-the-counter painkillers and oral antiseptic.
Loose crown, filling or braces: Petroleum jelly, temporary fillings, dental wax.

Bringing your dental emergency kit while you are traveling will ensure peace of mind while you are on the road. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us call today at 812.853.3313. Whether you are re-connecting with loved ones at your annual family reunion, or snorkeling coral reefs in Florida, from all of us at Family Dentistry, we wish you safe, happy, and healthy travels!