At Family Dentistry, we proudly offer dentures to give you the option of replacing all or just a few of your missing teeth. Our dentists, Dr. Ogle, Dr. Schmitz, Dr. Fickas and Dr. Fabiano, and our team offer both complete and partial dentures, which are removable restorations that give you the functionality you need and the smile you want. To learn more about dentures in Newburgh, Indiana, call our office at 812-853-3313 today!

Complete dentures may be used if all of the teeth in one or both dental arches need to be replaced. This will depend on your individual needs and goals. A denture adhesive may be recommended to improve the stability of your denture.

If you are missing multiple teeth but still have natural teeth remaining, a partial denture may be suggested. This type of denture often incorporates clasps or a thin framework that attaches to the natural teeth for a sure foundation.

Dentures have many benefits for the health, function and appearance of your smile. They can improve your ability to speak and eat properly. They also restore natural facial volume and enhance the overall beauty of your smile. If you choose dentures for your smile, your appliance will be custom made to comfortably and securely fit.

Feel free to call or our office today for more information and to set a consultation.


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