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Enhancing your smile through the use of mouth guards is extremely beneficial for individuals who routinely suffer from problems associated with oral accidents or injuries. If you are involved in any high-risk activities such as contact sports, it is important to visit your dentist to determine if a mouth guard it should be employed. As always, wear some form of safety equipment including a helmet, mouth guards or a face mask to keep your teeth and gums safe.

Three common types of mouth guards are boil and bite mouth guards, stock mouth guards, and custom-made mouth guards. Once you have talked to your dentist to determine which one is best for your oral health care needs, you will need to make sure they always take care of it. Never let your mouth guard become contaminated, as it can cause further issues within your mouth. Always rinse it off with cool, soapy water if it should ever be dirty. Furthermore, never leave it out to sit anywhere such as in the sun or in hot water, as it can easily warp. In addition, keep it out of reach of young children and family pets. If damage should ever occur to your mouth guard, do not try to repair it yourself, but instead, bring it into your dentist for a replacement.

If you require mouth guard treatments in Newburgh, Indiana, Family Dentistry would love to assist you. For a thorough examination to determine which type of mouth guard you desire, you can set an appointment with one of our dentists, Dr. David G. Ogle by calling our dental office at 812.853.3313.