1. Where is the office located?
Family Dentistry is located at I-69 and Covert Avenue. We are approximately one block away from this intersection, which is very convenient to the entire tri-state area.

2. Which doctor will be caring for my needs?
This decision will be each individual’s choice; however, with having four dentists in our practice, we can more easily accommodate your needs in a timely fashion.

3. Do we file your insurance?
For your convenience, we file your insurance for you. If you would like to know more about our financial options, please refer to our Financial Options page and give us a call.

4. When do you recommend that I take my child in for their first visit?
Dr. Ogle, Dr. Schmitz, and Dr. Fickas recommend bringing your child into our office by the time they celebrate their first birthday. If you bring your child in at this age, they will become familiar with the dental office, and our dentists will get to know them in a friendly and non-threatening way. We work hard to provide great dental care in Newburgh, Indiana, for your child’s benefit, and we invite you to bring them in so we can help them grow up with a beautiful and healthy smile.