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When it comes to good oral health, it is important to have accurate information so that you can make good choices. And while most of us are usually good at separating fact and fiction, there are always little myths that sound like they could be true. Here are three, along with one important fact.

Myth 1) – Sensitive teeth are decaying teeth. People often draw this conclusion because cavities can cause sensitivity, particularly to cold or sweet things. But teeth are sensitive for a variety of factors which may not have anything to do with decay.

Myth 2) – Sugar causes cavities. Speaking of sweet things, this is a very popular belief. And while almost true, it is misleading. Cavities are really caused by acid produced by bacteria. However, these bacteria love sugar (or any carbohydrate), so eating sugars can set the process in motion.

Myth 3) – Topical aspirin is good for tooth pain. Some people place an aspirin next to a tooth with cavity to relieve pain. But aspirin needs to be swallowed in order to work. And actually, leaving an aspirin in the mouth next to a sore tooth can make things worse. Aspirin is acidic, so it can burn gum tissue and even cause an abscess. Please don’t do this.

Fact – Brushing and flossing really prevent cavities. Really, they do. Brushing and flossing your teeth remove the plaque and bacteria that are constantly building up. And if there are no bacteria to cause acid, cavities can’t form. Flossing is particularly important. So are regular deep cleanings.

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