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With spring coming soon and bringing with it the social swing of summer, many patients want a smile that is ready to dazzle their friends and peers. While regular professional dental exams and cleanings go a long way in promoting a healthy smile, you can quickly boost the color and brightness of your smile by receiving professional teeth whitening treatment.

At Family Dentistry, an excellent source for cosmetic dentistry, our dentist and team are pleased to provide in-office and at-home teeth whitening procedures to meet your needs and help your smile look brighter in as little as one application. To perform professional teeth whitening treatment for your smile, we apply a powerful and safe whitening gel to your teeth that, when activated with a special light, reduces the appearance of yellowing, discoloration and stains that have affected the look of the tooth enamel.

To extend the length of your results and keep your teeth in good health, brush your mouth twice per day, floss every single day and schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings with our dentists and team. If you plan to receive teeth whitening, we encourage you to limit your intake of red wine and antioxidant-rich berries, which can cause stains on the tooth enamel that weaken the effects of your tooth whitening procedure.

To learn if you are an excellent candidate for professional whitening in Newburgh, Indiana, please contact Family Dentistry at 812.853.3313 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. David G. Ogle, Samuel E. Schmitz, William R. Hart, & David Fickas and our team to discuss your options for cosmetic treatment and achieve your summer smile!