Are Your Teeth and Gums Paying the Price for the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Restrictions? Part 1

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of grief for people, and not just by contracting it. This insidious disease is also harming the smiles of dental patients everywhere who are putting off having their bi-annual routine dental check-ups done.

This unfortunate strategy can cause any current problems with your teeth and gums to steadily worsen without proper treatment. If you are not vigilant with your daily oral hygiene care and regular dental visits with our dental team for cleanings and exams, your smile may be paying the price! Our team strives to catch dental problems in the early stages. If that is sacrificed, you can find yourself with cavities and gum disease!

Some Scary Oral Health Statistics

We also know that poor oral health can have repercussions on your general health too, including diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Now that more people are now working from home because of the ongoing pandemic, you should be aware of the most recent dental statistics:

-Approximately 31% of people are snacking more on sweet treats to deal with stress or boredom.
-Around 28% of dental patients have not scheduled their next dental visit.
-About 1 in 4 dental patients are putting off brushing their teeth first thing in the morning until later, and 21% are skipping brushing their teeth in the morning altogether.

Now is not the time to neglect your dental health care. At-home daily oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy in between your bi-annual dental visits where our dental team can remove hardened plaque (tartar/calculus) and polish your teeth, as well as check for any developing problems using X-rays if necessary.

If it is past time for your next dental cleaning and exam, or you are experiencing tooth pain or other dental issues, we encourage you to call our experienced team today to get the help your smile deserves. Call us at 812.853.3313 to schedule with one of our highly skilled dentists! Your smile will thank you!

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