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If you’ve had a removable dental appliance, like a partial denture or complete denture, created at Family Dentistry, it was created to fit firmly in place of its own accord. Unfortunately, this tight hold might still not be sufficient for blocking out stray food particles from infiltrating the base of the dental appliance while you eat.

When this happens, it can prove to be more than a nuisance. The food might make the dental appliance fit loosely in your mouth or even irritate your gums. If this occurs daily, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and frustrated when the denture is in your mouth.

One easy way to prevent this from happening in the first place is to apply a small bead of denture adhesive to the base of the dental appliance. This will significantly reduce the chances of food infiltrating the area as well as provide you with an extra hold.

If something does work its way between the base and the gums, it could loosen your denture and irritate your gums. At this point, you should remove your denture at your earliest convenience and rinse it thoroughly. You want to remove all the food matter as well as the residual denture adhesive. Then you can use a paper towel to dry the denture to give you a smooth, clean surface so you can reapply fresh denture adhesive.

When shopping for denture adhesive, you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This insignia represents that the ADA has subjected the product to rigorous testing and research to prove its safety and effectiveness.

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