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The outer layer on each of your teeth is composed of hard tooth enamel. This mineral substance is designed to have the strength to allow you to bite and chew most common foods. However, poor oral hygiene conditions caused by inconsistencies in your brushing and flossing can cause chronic plaque acids to build up in your mouth. This can cause a small cavity to develop on the contoured surface of a tooth.

If the area of tooth decay only affects a single surface of a tooth Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas might be able to treat the tooth with a composite dental filling. The treatment process starts with your dentist numbing the tooth and local gum tissues. Then they will remove all traces of tooth decay. This will also create the proper surface texture needed to securely bond the dental filling in place.

A composite dental filling is often the preferred choice for repairing a cavity on a tooth that appears in your smile because it can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel. This is a highly preferred way of fixing your teeth and giving you the best look for your smile.

If you live in the Newburgh, Indiana, area, and you are concerned that a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call 812.853.3313 to have it treated and repaired at Family Dentistry today!