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Half of the American population drinks a sugared drink on a daily basis. While they taste great, they’re terrible for your oral health; specifically, the damage they do to your teeth is particularly concerning.

You may think that too much soda consumption leads more to obesity and type 2 diabetes than oral health problems, but sadly, soda will erode your oral health if you consume too much of it.

Acid attacks your teeth

Perhaps the most worrisome thing that soda does to your teeth is the attack is launches, via acids found in most every soda, on your teeth. Specifically, soda does major harm to your enamel.


One of the side effects of the acids in soda is the erosion of tooth enamel. Enamel is the hardest natural substance found in the human body, but soda can erode it over time, opening you up to the risk of tooth loss, gum disease, and cavities.


The other major side effect of regular soda consumption is cavities. Once the soda eats away at your enamel, it’s only a matter of time until the acids in the soft drink decay your dentin, the layer below enamel, or even erode fillings. This creates cavities that, if left untreated, can turn into major tooth decay and become a problem only fixed by implants or dentures.

We recommend cutting back on soda consumption if you do so in excess, and attending regularly scheduled cleanings with Dr. David G. Ogle in order to see what, if any, damage has been done to your teeth by soda.