What Are You Drinking? Drinks Matter!

Drinks Destroy Teeth is a program of the Indiana Dental Association.  It does matter what drinks are in your home and what drinks are consumed when you are on the Go.  Soft drinks, sports drinks, and juices contain a dose of acid and sugar that will soften the enamel and chemically destroy the outer layer… Read more »

Drinks Can Destroy Teeth!

Drinks Destroy Teeth is a program of the Indiana Dental Association.  Drinks that contain acid can destroy teeth.  Drinks have the ability to melt enamel and promote decay.  Trendy drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, and boxed juices are causing a generation of young people to experience decay and loss of tooth enamel unprecedented in… Read more »

School Check List! Remember Your Dental Needs!

The majority of the schools are starting next week!  All schools are preparing parents to have the complete supply list  before the first day of school.  Please remember to add to your school list any mouth guards that are needed for sports that your children will be participating in at school or extracurricular activities.  Mouth guards can protect… Read more »

Summer time is Here! Remember to protect anyone in your family playing sports or activities that could injure their teeth. Let us help your family with creating mouth guards for their activities. Please call us to set-up an appointment to have a mouth guard created to protect that Beautiful Smile!

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