Baby Teeth are Very Important Too!

As a parent of a baby or toddler, the goal is to provide the best care for your little one.  The best care also includes taking great care of their teeth.  Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth.  These baby teeth guide permanent teeth into position.  Do not worry if  gaps are present between the baby teeth- this is… Read more »

Flossing is Key to Proper Dental Health!

Flossing is an essential part of tooth-cleaning that removes plaque from between teeth and at the gumline.  This is where peridontal disease often begins.  If flossing is difficult, be sure to ask your dental hygienist about the variety of dental floss holders that are available to assist you in holding the floss.  Not everyone has… Read more »

October is National Dental Hygiene Month!!

October is National Dental Hygiene Month.  This is the time to honor and celebrate our dental hygienists as well as focusing on educating the public on Good Oral Health!  According to the American Dental Hygienists Association- their slogan this year is “Its simple- Healthy Habits for a Healthy Smile.”  The two simple areas to focus on… Read more »

Have Your Teeth Gone to the Dark Side?

Millions of Americans have gone to the Dark Side.  The dark side that we are referring to is your smile is not as white anymore.  Your smile has been getting darker and darker over the years.    Many reasons in our lives can cause our teeth to become discolored.  Food that we consume can result in staining of the teeth. … Read more »

Are your teeth a sore subject?

Do you have sore teeth when you are having that birthday cake, frozen sundaes, milkshakes, or orange juice?  Do you have that  pain when you eat hot or cold foods?  If you do, you are not alone.  Millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity.  If you do have the tooth sensitivity, do not ignore this.  The pain that… Read more »

Prevention is Key to Protecting Your Teeth!

Sharing the knowledge of the damage that can occur from drinking soft drinks/sodas as well as sports drinks and juices is important to everyone's dental health.  Our community does continue to drink these drinks so we want to promote prevention of dental decay.  Remember to practice a few extra tips to hinder the damage that could… Read more »

What is the Number #1 Reason for tooth loss?

Most people would believe that decay is the number one reason for tooth loss.  The number one reason for losing your teeth is gum disease.  Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums.  The signs for gingivitis include swollen gums, redness, and bleeding gums when you brush or floss.  If you are experiencing any of these signs,… Read more »

What Are You Drinking? Drinks Matter!

Drinks Destroy Teeth is a program of the Indiana Dental Association.  It does matter what drinks are in your home and what drinks are consumed when you are on the Go.  Soft drinks, sports drinks, and juices contain a dose of acid and sugar that will soften the enamel and chemically destroy the outer layer… Read more »

Drinks Can Destroy Teeth!

Drinks Destroy Teeth is a program of the Indiana Dental Association.  Drinks that contain acid can destroy teeth.  Drinks have the ability to melt enamel and promote decay.  Trendy drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, and boxed juices are causing a generation of young people to experience decay and loss of tooth enamel unprecedented in… Read more »

School Check List! Remember Your Dental Needs!

The majority of the schools are starting next week!  All schools are preparing parents to have the complete supply list  before the first day of school.  Please remember to add to your school list any mouth guards that are needed for sports that your children will be participating in at school or extracurricular activities.  Mouth guards can protect… Read more »