Don’t Let Your Dental Benefits Go To Waste!

As 2014 comes to an end,  Family Dentistry wants to remind all to NOT throw money away!   Many dental insurance benefits are wasted if they are not utilized during the yearly time frame.  Not all insurance benefits run from January to December however the majority of them do follow the yearly calendar.  So do not allow… Read more »

A Christmas Gift To Make You Smile!

Now is the time for Holiday Shopping!  Many cannot decide what that special gift could be for a family member, a significant other or just a friend.  Well, Family Dentistry would like to share that a Beautiful Smile is a Gift that continues to give all year long year after year!    A beautiful smile could be enhanced with cosmetic… Read more »

A Time to Give Plenty of Thanks!

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas would like to extend a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday to All!  Now is the Time to Give Thanks for our wonderful patients for trusting in us for their dental care.  We are also very thankful for our wonderful dental team.   Without our dental team,  we would not be able… Read more »

Don’t Lose Your Smile with Diabetes! Part 2 of 2

As we had shared in  our Part 1 of 2 blog, millions of Americans have diabetes.  Family Dentistry has a goal for all those with pre-diabetes or diabetes to keep smiling.  Diabetes can often cause heart disease, stroke,  kidney disease,  and gum disease.  Gum disease can become very serious if you have diabetes.  This gum disease… Read more »

Don’t Lose Your Smile with Diabetes! Part 1 of 2

Millions of Americans have diabetes and need to manage their blood sugar every minute of the day because their body does not take care of that for them.   Managing the blood sugar is vital for the entire body to stay healthy.  Taking care of the mouth when you have diabetes is extremely important as well.  The… Read more »

Dental Trivia

Do you know that the average teenager has 12 more than the average 50 year old?  Family Dentistry would like to share the answer to this question.  The answer is that a teenager has 12 more TEETH than the average 50 year old.  Teenagers as well as adults should have 32 teeth with the 4 wisdom… Read more »

Preparing for Halloween Goodies!

As Halloween is right around the corner, we are surrounded with cookies and candy!  As the festivities of all the Dressing Up and Trick-or-Treating begins,  Family Dentistry would like to give reminders to protect your teeth during this high abundance of eating sugary items.  Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas recommend parents to be mindful… Read more »

The Beauty of Veneers!

Do you have deeply stained teeth?  Do you have grayish or yellow teeth?  Do you have chipped or worn out teeth?  Do you have uneven gum lines?  Do you have spaces between your teeth or even overlapped teeth?  Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas would like for you to smile and be… Read more »

Problems With Piercing The Mouth!

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, and Fickas want to promote a healthy mouth.  Piercings that are very popular in the tongue and mouth can lead to many problems.  These piercings may cause infections, pain, and swelling that could be life threatening.  Metal from these piercings can cause allergic reactions and can damage the… Read more »

Family Dentistry Enjoys Fall Festival!

The Evansville West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is a Wonderful Community Event!  This 7 Day Street Festival helps Not-for-Profit organizations in our entire Evansville community to raise funds with their food booths, rides, and parking lots.  Family Dentistry has had a tradition of over 20 years to enjoy this huge event and supporting many organizations by enjoying… Read more »