Tooth Decay from a Baby Bottle

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas want to remind all Mothers and Fathers of the concern with tooth decay from baby bottles.  Baby tooth decay can occur with too much exposure of baby ‘s teeth with sugary liquids.  These liquids could be milk, formula, fruit juice, sweetened drinks, or sodas.  Plaque can develop… Read more »

Do You Play Sports?

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas want to know if you or your kids play sports? Summertime is a time when children start playing more sports.  Playing sports can always be a risk for having your mouth hit by a ball, piece of equipment, or another team player.  Protection for your mouth is… Read more »

Family Dentistry is Proud to Welcome Stacey!

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas is proud to welcome Stacey Runnion to our Dental Family!  Stacey is a Dental Assistant and will be assisting Dr. Fickas as well as helping to keep our office running smoothly!  We are excited to have Stacey join our family and be a member of our Team!… Read more »

5 Reasons that Dentists & Hygienists Think About Oral Cancer

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, Fickas, and our Hygienist want to provide thorough examinations to detect oral cancer.   5 Reasons that Keeping Oral Cancer Priority During our Dental Examination includes: 1. More and more patients in the Baby Boomer generation are developing oral cancer.  The 6 month dental check-up with examination is vital in detection of oral… Read more »

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month!  Family Dentistry would like to remind all the importance of being evaluated for oral cancer.  Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, and Fickas evaluate each patient’s mouth for oral cancer  during every visit to the dental office.  These visits include your visit to the dentist when you have a procedure completed or your visit… Read more »

Congrats to our Peggy Watson!

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas are so proud that Peggy Watson has received the Staff Member of the Year Award from the Evansville Dental Assistant Society!  Peggy has been a wonderful Dental Assistant for 35 Years!  The words on Peggy’s award include”her smile is contagious, she is the definition of loyal, trustworthy, hard… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Do You Grind Your Teeth?  If your answer is yes, Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas can help.  If you are constantly waking up with a dull headache or sore jaws, you probably grind your teeth at night.  Teeth grinding can cause damage to your teeth so teeth grinding should be eliminated.  Teeth… Read more »

St Patrick’s Day Create Emergency Dental Visits

According to CNBC report,  the day after St. Patrick’s Day has an increase of 64 Percent of emergency dental visits.  This is a huge increase from basically bad behavior of individuals with getting their teeth knocked out.  I would not anticipate the Luck of the Irish would want anything to do with an increase in emergency dental… Read more »

Declining Untreated Cavities in Preschoolers

Family Dentistry in Newburgh, Indiana with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas are happy to hear these results.  From an article in The New York Times on 3-5-15,   untreated cavities appears to be declining in preschoolers.  Fewer young children have untreated dental decay according to the Center of Disease Control(CDC).  This is the first decrease since 2007.  In 2007,… Read more »

Who Smiles More Men or Women in a Day?

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, and Fickas was quite surprised to hear that women smile more than men.   On average, women smile 62 times a day and men only smile 8 times a day.  Many questions arise as to why women smile so many times more than men.   From a dental point of view,… Read more »