What Haemophiliacs Need To Know About Dental Care

Haemophilia is a disorder where the blood doesn’t have enough factors to clot properly, causing prolonged bleeding. This condition can be dangerous, so haemophiliacs need to take extra care throughout their lives. This extra care extends to all spheres, including the dental sphere. Oral Hygiene It is important that those with haemophilia take extra care… Read more »

How To Prevent The Development Of A Dry Socket

After a tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms in the area which allows healing by protecting the exposed nerves and bone. However, if the blood clot is displaced, pain and infection can result which is called dry socket. You can prevent dry socket from developing by taking some of the following steps. Do not… Read more »

Are You Brushing and Flossing?

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas always encourage brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.  Did you know that 1/2 of Americans do not floss daily and  1 in 5 don’t brush twice daily?  Consequences can occur when the teeth are neglected.  Cavities can occur along with 13 other issues.  These… Read more »

Family Dentistry Provides Dental Implants in Newburgh, Indiana

Some people only worry about replacing a missing tooth if the gap is visible in their so-called “smile zone.” But if the empty space is able to go unnoticed, the missing tooth is often not replaced. Unfortunately, choosing not to replace a missing tooth is a huge mistake! A missing tooth will eventually turn into… Read more »

The Serious Nature of Dental Hygiene

Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential for preserving your smile. And your doctors here at Family Dentistry strongly recommend that you and your family actively engage in a consistent dental hygiene routine at home. We also advise you to visit us for your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams. Brush your teeth after each meal… Read more »

Drinks Can Destroy Teeth!

Family Dentistry along with the Indiana Dental Association are focusing on educating all on what drinks can destroy the teeth.  Please check out this video on the effects of what drinks can do to the teeth.   Most parents think that sports drinks are a better choice for teeth over soda/pop or other sugary drinks.  Sports… Read more »

National Iced Tea Day!

June 10th is National Iced Tea Day!  As the weather warms, many enjoy the refreshing drink of iced tea. Family Dentistry would like to refresh our minds about the pros and cons of drinking tea.  The pros include the antioxidants in tea that promote good health and aid in preventing illness and disease.  The antioxidants may… Read more »

Getting Married?

Are you getting Married this summer?  Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas can assist the Bride with Her Beautiful Smile!  If your teeth are discolored, misshapen, chipped, or even missing, Family Dentistry can improve your smile.  Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas can provide cosmetic dentistry to reshape your teeth, whiten the teeth, or… Read more »

Why Should You Scrape Your Tongue?

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas would like to share the importance of scraping your tongue.  Not many realize the importance of cleaning and scraping your tongue when brushing your teeth. Scraping your tongue can be very beneficial.  Cleaning and scraping your tongue will freshen your breath by removing bacteria that gives your… Read more »

Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay!

Family Dentistry with Drs. Ogle, Schmitz, Hart, & Fickas want to prevent tooth decay occurring from baby bottles.  First of all, do not allow a baby to fall asleep with a bottle that has milk, formula, juice, or any sweet drink.  After a bottle, clean and massage the baby’s gums to remove particles and to… Read more »